Corporate Social Responsibility

Environmental Protection

Pharmaceuticals enter the environment and trace levels are measured in rivers, lakes, soils and occasionally drinking water. Societal concerns about pharmaceuticals in the environment (PIE) are likely to continue as patient access to medicines and population levels increase, resulting in a greater environmental burden. As a responsible Pharma company, we need to understand the environmental risks of our products in order to proactively manage them and we are committed to providing scientific leadership on PIE.
Concerns over the impacts of PIE have been recognised by the United Nations Environment Programme and the World Health Organisation within its Strategic Approach to International Chemicals Management, where Environmentally Persistent Pharmaceutical Pollutants has been included as an emerging policy issue

Ensuring the environmental safety of our products
We strive to manage our environmental impacts across the entire value chain from  development and production through patient use and final disposal.
We are committed to ensuring effective environmental management of our products from pre-launch through to product end-of-life. Our aim is to lead our industry in understanding and mitigating the effects of pharmaceuticals in the environment