Our Ethics

As a pharma company, we have a responsibility to hold ourselves to high ethical standards and to demonstrate ethical business practices that other organisations can emulate. We strive for high levels of integrity in everything we do, whether it’s our approach to development and manufacture to scrutiny of our supply chain to ensure our suppliers meet our high demand.
We insist upon a culture of ethics and integrity throughout our organisation. We require all our employees to take personal accountability for their actions and to demonstrate individual behaviour that is in line with our values. That means engaging  them and supporting them to ensure they understand and follow our standards and feel comfortable asking questions or reporting incidents of non-compliance.
We make it as easy as possible for staff to report breaches or concerns anonymously (where appropriate) and with the full knowledge that they will be supported and protected from retaliation. We investigate all reports fully. We have a zero-tolerance approach to bribery and corruption by our own staff and throughout our supply chain.
Manufacturing a new medicine carries inherent risk and ensuring patient safety is our top priority. We carry out extensive and rigorous laboratory and clinical testing to establish a potential medicine’s safety and efficacy. To ensure the Almec medicines patients are taking are genuine, we work with partners nationwide to crack down on the illegal trade in medicines, which includes stolen and counterfeit products.